The Heron (For Daytrading)

These robots only trade during certain times of the day. Their methodology is based on trading with the trend but getting in on a pull-back. This system is designed to have small profit targets and a high winning percentage. To read about this style of robot, click here. The Course is $127; the robot is $399.


New robot just released in May, 2017. All results will be posted on myfxbook.


Breakout (Trend-Following)

These robots are based on traditional trend-following strategies. They go for huge wins while trying to keep losses small. They are based on the well-known mantra of cutting losses short and letting your winners run. Winning percentage is lower but wins are substantial. This robot will accompany the upcoming Course and is $299. To read about this style of robot, click here.


Fair Value (100%-Style)

These robots are built to try to win every series of trades. A trade is entered, and if it goes against us, another trade is entered in the same direction. These robots use a “value investing” methodology and do not use stop-losses (or very wide ones). As a result, profits are usually taken within twenty-four hours of entering a trade (and this happens over 90% of the time). The Fair Value robot is made to accompany the Course and is $299. Course is $127. To read more about this style of robot, click here.


No stop-losses, no losing series of trades. Lots and lots of winning.

All robots were built for Forex trading but can be used to trade Futures and Equities.
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