This robot is designed for long-term investing that beats the market.


Traders who purchase this robot will get access to researched settings (already being traded live) and will also be able to create their own automated strategies.


This robot is based on timeless principles that have produced profits in markets for many decades.


It's for experienced traders with a long-term view.


Module 1 Start by Getting the Master Trend Robot
Unit 1 Send Me an Email to Get the Master Trend Robot File  
Module 2 Welcome to Master Trend
Unit 1 Intro  
Module 3 Philosophy and Settings
Unit 1 My Philosophy  
Unit 2 Settings I Like  
Module 4 Using Master Trend for Your own Research
Unit 1 Customizing Settings  
Module 5 An Advanced Tool
Unit 1 Risk of Ruin: An Advanced Tool  
Module 6 FAQ and Troubleshooting
Unit 1 FAQ and Troubleshooting  
Module 7 Sample Trades
Unit 1 Trade Examples  
Module 8 An Easy Way to Open a Forex Account
Unit 1 Links to Open a New Account  
Module 9 Possible New Settings (Oct. 2021)
Unit 1 New BB Settings for GBPJPY  
Module 10 More Settings for 2022
Unit 1 New Settings for the New Year (Jan. 2022)