You Already Have the Money

You Already Have the Money

Mar. 6, 2020

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Everything would be okay if only we had more money.

We could quit our stupid jobs.

We could go on that dream vacation.

We could stop renting this lousy apartment.

If only we could win the lottery.

Or something.

But here’s something crazy: we’re actually already rich.

We already have the money.


It’s true.

If we stopped eating every meal out or buying Starbucks 3x a day and saved that same amount of money instead, magic would happen.

Here’s the math.

If we saved just $15 a day and then invested it and made 10% per year, in thirty years we’d have over $1 million dollars.

If we made the simple switch to making our own coffee or turning a $30 meal into a $15 meal, in a few decades we’d be millionaires.

Is that too much to ask of ourselves?

Maybe. Who wants to give up three Starbucks drinks a day?

So what if we just saved $5 per day? That’s reasonable and possibly easy.

Would not spending $5 a day do anything?


Not spending $5 a day would turn into $330,000 in thirty years.

That’s probably enough to take a vacation or find a new place to live.

We won’t even mention what would happen if we somehow rearranged a couple habits and saved $50 a day.

($3.3 million).

The point is: we’re already rich.

That $300k or $1 million is already in our pocket.

We’re just choosing to buy after-work drinks instead of putting it on the accumulation path.

It’s our habits that transform no money into a lot of money.

So, knowing that we already have the money, I have just one question.

Can I borrow $330,000?


My book is called The Inevitability of Becoming Rich, and you can find that here.