The Saddest Words

The Saddest Words

May 1, 2020

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The saddest words in the English language:

I’m bored.

Nothing good comes from those words.

For one, they announce capitulation after a failed journey.

Nobody wakes up bored. Bored is a process.

First you try one thing, hate it, and then try another.

Then another.

And nothing feels good.

The tension starts building along with the energy. Being bored is an angry conclusion, a call to action.

When we say, “I’m bored,” it’s a warning.

It means we’re fed up and we can’t take it anymore. We need to do something, anything, to stop the boredom.

And, even though it could be anything, it’s never anything good.

I’m bored>> I know! I’ll call my ex!

I’m bored>> Maybe I’ll swallow a Tide pod.

I’m bored>> I’m eating this entire cake.

I’m bored>> I might as well watch Tiger King.

It’s never:

I’m bored>> Maybe I’ll map out how to start my own business.

Once we say the words, it’s over.

Something bad is coming next.

Giving in to “boredom” means that our focus is on the outside, not the inside.

Feeling bored means we’re waiting for the universe to give us something to do, and it’s failed us.

We don’t have a mind or desire of our own. Our happiness is dependent on what is provided.

If nothing is provided, an angry revolt is the result.

But there’s a solution.


All we have to do is think about what we want most.

If we want to be fit and a vacuum of time suddenly presents itself…great! Now I can do an extra workout.

If we want more money and get some free time…now we can read a financial how-to book or two.

If we want more connection and get stranded somewhere…now we can write a random “thank you” note to someone we care about.

It’s a good thing when the universe stops interfering.

The less the universe provides, the better we get at anything.

I’m bored are the saddest words we can say.

But I’m never bored are the most exciting.


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