The Moment

The Moment

Aug. 2, 2019

There’s nothing better than that moment.

The moment when novice turns into competitor, player turns into champion, champion turns into legend.

But most people have a big misconception about this moment.

Most think it’s a grandiose, gaudy lightning strike.

It’s actually just a random Tuesday afternoon.

Enlightenment doesn’t come with a warning siren. The life-altering change comes during a drill that has nothing unique about it with an instruction that has no special insight. A student has done the skill many times without much improvement.

Until now.

Now you can see the eyeballs get wide, astonishment washing over their face.

So THAT’S how you do it! 

It came out of nowhere.

And you know what comes next?

Why didn’t you tell me that before??

Of course, they have heard it before. Many times.

But this is new territory now. Before they heard but didn’t get it.

Now, they figured it out all by themselves.

And things will never be the same.

We never know if this is the day we become a master.

We never know if this is the time it’s going to happen.

But it might be.

And that moment is my favorite thing in the world.


My book is called The Inevitability of Becoming Rich, and you can find that here.