The Joy of Nothing

The Joy of Nothing

Feb. 19, 2021

You know what’s great?

Being not great.

Living life with no obligations, expectations, or supposed-tos.

Living life where everything is upside; everything is gravy.

What was the best time the Beatles ever had?

According to them, it was the year before they became famous.

After they became famous, they were loved by millions and rich beyond dreams.

But those weren’t the best times.

Being great wasn’t nearly as great as being nobodies.

What about famous author and podcaster Tim Ferriss? He may have the best podcast in the world and multi-millions in the bank.

Is it fun being great? According to a recent post, absolutely not.

Once we stop allowing ourselves to be underdogs, once we feel forced to be something, the upside quickly goes away.

Of course, I won Wimbledon. I was supposed to. 

Where’s the fun in that?

But we can choose not to be great. We can choose to be perpetually humble.

If we’re nobody, winning one Major is incredible. Fun beyond wildest dreams.

And there’s no pressure to win two.

If you’re nobody, there’s no pressure to do anything ever again.

One Major is fantastic. And so is five, ten, or twenty.

Anything is phenomenal if you’re nothing.

Everything is icing and there’s no disappointment.

To be free instead of shackled, motivated instead of burdened, and joyful instead of empty, there’s an easy solution.

Be nothing.


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