How 25 Minutes Can Change Your Life

How 25 Minutes Can Change Your Life

September 7, 2018

Multitasking is a lie.

That being true, if we want to change our lives we absolutely need to

[Hold on, need to check my phone real quick…]

No, okay, we need to

[Wait, why did he text me that?…]

No, seriously, we need to…we need to

[Unbelievable! I sent that to you yesterday, moron…]

Okay. Wait, what were we talking about?


As long as we’re distracted, we’re literally doing nothing.

We’re not completing a project. We’re not absorbing important material. We’re not connecting with the person sitting right across the table.

If we’re multitasking, we’re actually no-tasking.

Ever sat down to do an hour of work and then two hours later realized you haven’t done anything? Do you know how that happens?

It happens because of distraction.

Every time we try to do important work, we need to have an allotted time where no distractions are allowed in.

Because the price we pay is high.

Every time we let a distraction in, we lose the next 25 minutes.

Just one peek at our email while we’re writing an important paper means our full concentration is gone and won’t come back for 25 minutes.

One look away, and almost a half hour of our lives vanish.

And if we glance away again in that 25 minute window where we’re trying to recharge our focus? Boom, 25 more minutes.

It’s easy to see how an hour can slip away. All it takes is three looks at Instagram.

And if we meet a friend for a quick coffee and check our phones while she’s talking? Boom, that meet-up is ruined. It’s almost as if it never happened at all.

The most important skill we need is focus.

If we focus, we get things done faster than anyone else.

If we focus, we solve problems better than anyone else.

If we focus, we learn quicker than anyone else.

And if we focus, we’re more deeply connected to the people we love (and need).

The answer to almost all of our problems is simple: don’t look away.

Just do what you’re doing till it’s done.

Saving that 25 minutes might just save our lives.


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