What’s Your Perfect Day?

What’s Your Perfect Day?

June 2, 2017

“Everyone says they want to live forever, but most people don’t know what they want to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.” -Anonymous

This should be an easy question: What does a perfect day look like?

We all want perfect days. We all wish we didn’t have to go to work and could just frolic all day in our own personal utopia.

But what is that utopia? What is that perfect day we’re always thinking about?

Surprisingly, it’s hard to answer that question. Have you ever thought about it? It’s not easy!

A perfect day could be events-driven. Where would you go? What would you do? Where would you be?

A perfect day could also mean intimacy. Who would you be with and, well, you know.

A perfect day could also be altruistic. If you believe Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and people who give away millions, a perfect day would be one where you do something for someone else. There’s an argument to be made that true happiness comes from helping other people.

Then, of course, you could get into the minutiae. What’s the weather like on a perfect day? What’s the climate? What are you wearing? How many people are you with? When do you get up? When do you go to bed? Do you have any alone time during the day or is it always with other people? And so on.

It turns out that planning the perfect day is hard work. Not to mention confusing.

And yet we probably won’t experience a perfect day until we can picture it in stark detail.

So I’m going to give it a try. After much introspection, here’s my perfect, events-driven day.

First, I’m in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas. I don’t drink and I don’t gamble and I like to go to bed relatively early. Yet I still love Vegas. Vegas to me is the epitome of the amazing things that humans can do.  Yes, these things are done to take our money, but that’s beside the point. I love the fact that a random sculpture in random corner of a random resort might be the best sculpture I’ve ever seen. I love the fact that I know there was a 30-minute meeting on what drapes to put in the hotel suites. I love the fact that every restaurant holds the possibility of being one of the tastiest experiences of my life. I love all of that.

So, now that I’m in Vegas, I would get up around 6 am Vegas time. I always stay on EST when I’m in Vegas, so that’s 8-9 am to me. Plus, 6 am is when Jean Philippe opens. Jean Philippe is where I get the best cinnamon roll in the world.

After getting us some cinnamon rolls, it’s off to the Aria fitness room for a little workout. Then we are sitting in their lobby with the fire wall. I love that fire wall.

Then it’s time for a cold pressed juice and a long walk on The Strip during which I fight off the urge to go to the Wicked Spoon buffet (the Wicked Spoon is wicked awesome–but not today). Coffee while sitting under the huge chandelier at the Cosmopolitan follows. Some of my favorite talks have come under that chandelier.

Next I would like to buy something. Commercialism gets a bad rep, but buying things is fun sometimes, so I’m buying something fun. Maybe at All Saints.

Then it’s time for a massage back at Aria and another hour relaxing in the Aria spa lounges. Then it’s time for a nap.

Dinner will be at Jardin but I could close my eyes and randomly pick a restaurant I’d love.

The perfect day then ends with a comedy show and a long walk home on the Strip. Of course, we happily go to bed early in our Aria beds that I didn’t ever want to leave in the first place.

For me, that’s perfection. And this has got me fired up to the point I think there’s a 56% chance I blow off doing work and go to Vegas next week.

Thinking about the perfect day is fun and challenging and definitely worth your time. And if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear what yours looks like.

See you in Vegas.


My book is called The Inevitability of Becoming Rich, and you can find that here.