The Best Things I Bought This Year

The Best Things I Bought This Year

Dec. 15, 2017

Some people say that being materialistic is the devil.

Others embrace it.

Some people give away all their possessions.

Others believe buying tiny giraffes can bring us so much joy.

But whether you are materialistic or not, there’s no arguing the fact that certain things can make our lives better.

To that end, I bring you my list of The Best Things I Bought This Year. They made my life better and hopefully they do the same for yours. Plus, nothing on the list is expensive, so you can go out and get these today.

The List

  • A Doorway Pull-Up Bar. Full disclosure. I may have bought this a little over a year ago. But I stand by it! You know what the #1 key to workout success is? Actually doing the workout. You know what the #1 key is to actually doing it? Immediate accessibility. There aren’t many things better for you than pull-ups. Having a pull-up bar there for you every time you walk into a room makes it easier to get a few in all throughout the day. My pull-up bar is one of my favorite things.
  • FatWater. This weirdly named product is from the Bulletproof Coffee guy, Dave Asprey. He’s the guy who’s goal is to live to be 160 years old and his products are supposed to help us live long and prosper. I tried FatWater and I love it. The goal is to provide a drink that keeps us alert and awake and energized with no crash. And there’s no caffeine, just essential oils. It’s made a difference for me. Try one (or a case). It’s expensive (about $3 per bottle) but, for me, absolutely worth it.
  • Lapgear Executive Lap Desk. I do a lot of work on the computer and my neck always hurts after several hours sitting in a chair. The answer? A good lap desk. You can work comfortably from a couch or bed (or anywhere) and still be productive. The work gets done and the body feels fine. I can’t work without it.
  • Bose Headphones. These have been way better than anticipated. They’re great for listening at home, on airplanes, or on the beach. The sound quality is amazing. They have a microphone, too, so they’re great for conversations. I use them all the time. I’ll probably get another pair.
  • Xtreme Comforts Cool Pillow. It’s pretty much inarguable that sleep is the most important thing we do. Better sleep = better life. So I tried buying a cool pillow to see if it made sleep any more fun. It did! Having a cool pillow over a regular pillow makes a huge difference. I’ll never go back to a regular one again.
  • The Seven app. I didn’t buy this one this year. I didn’t even buy it at all. It’s free! It’s a workout app that takes…seven minutes! I’ve used it to train high performance athletes and I’ve used it myself. Penn Jillette still uses it to maintain his 100 lb weight loss. The short answer: it works.

Hope this helps you improve your life or give a good gift. Happy 2017!


My book is called The Inevitability of Becoming Rich, and you can find that here.