Doughnuts and Lists are the Key to a Life Well-Lived

Doughnuts and Lists are the Key to a Life Well-Lived

January 12, 2018

Doughnuts are fantastic.

I know you think they’re not healthy, but studies have shown that the coffee and doughnut combination is actually a memory enhancer. It’s true.

Out-of-control obesity rates aside, it would be a helpful service to know where one could find some top quality memory enhancement (coffee and doughnuts).

That’s where lists come in. Lists are simple little tools that make people’s lives better. Sure, it’s just one person’s opinion, but when that person is unquestionably 100% right, then the result is nothing but positive.

That being the case, here are few lists that can hopefully change lives:

Best Doughnut Places on Earth (beignets are included):

  1. La Colmar (FL)
  2. Cafe and Bar Lurcat (FL)
  3. Stan’s Donuts and Coffee (Chicago)
  4. Destination Donuts (Columbus, OH)
  5. Krispy Kreme (fresh from stand-alone store)

Best Dessert

  1. Cinnamon roll at Jean Philippe Patisserie (Las Vegas)
  2. Almond croissant at Grain de Cafe (FL)
  3. Chocolate cake from Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop (FL)
  4. Profiteroles at Cosmos (FL)
  5. Strawberry shortcake from Nordstrom’s Cafe/Bistro
  6. Peanut Butter Pie at Tommy Bahama’s
  7. Any milkshake at Holstein’s (Las Vegas)

Best Pizza

  1. Napoli on the Bay (FL)
  2. Grimaldi’s (New York)
  3. Vesuvio’s (FL)
  4. Tommy’s Pizza (Columbus, OH)
  5. The Crust (FL)

I know it’s impossible to beat those lists, but if you have any lists of your own, you can email me at I’d love to have my life enriched!


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