How to Be Better Than a Billionaire

How to Be Better Than a Billionaire

July 24, 2020

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Kurt Vonnegut and Joe Heller were once at a party held by a billionaire.

Kurt said to Joe, “How does it feel to know that our host made more money yesterday than your best novel has made in its entire history?”

“I have something he’ll never have,” he replied.

“What’s that?”


Every problem is cured by “enough”.

Billionaires don’t get it and don’t believe it. But it’s true.

Here are some examples.

If sports stars have enough…

They don’t embarrassingly hang on too long. They know when they’re done and quit happily and successfully.

They don’t ruin their potential by over-training. They stop when they’re fit enough.

They don’t fall victim to night life. A few parties are enough.

They don’t stagnate by bouncing from coach to coach. One coach is enough.

If a partner is enough for you…

No affairs. I’m happy where I am.

No lingering arguments. I’ve been angry long enough.

No bitter money disputes. My bank account is big enough. So is ours.

No back-stabbing. I get enough credit.

Further, if you have enough there’s…

No overstaying a good time.

No replaying of depressing thoughts.

No overeating.

No jealousy.

No greed.

No stealing.

No regrets.

Pain comes from wanting more.

That pain is necessary to get where you want to go.

But billionaires will never be happy when they get there.

You can be, though. Because the destination is glorious.

And truly enough.

And that’s how you win.


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