Creating Destiny

Creating Destiny

Nov. 20, 2020

Why do we fail?

Because we’re wired to avoid pain.

And winning is painful.

Winners have to focus. Winners have to do work when others are out playing. Winners have to change old habits. Winners have to be willing to be ostracized. 

And winners are always being told that they really should stick to losing. 

  • Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.
  • Be realistic.
  • Get a “regular” job. 
  • Our family has been doing this for generations…

Pain plus negativity equals no confidence.

And no confidence means we’ll quit at the first tough obstacle.

Because that one obstacle proves the skeptics right. 

How do we break the failure chain?

The hard way is to endure. 

Put down the phone. Work weekends. Say no to social events. Be okay with being alone sometimes. 

It’s a long, hard slog, but the end result is success.

Or you can get a Big Win. 

Win a big tournament. Win a huge sales call. Win a big date. 

One Big Win changes everything. It turns “don’t even try” into “I knew you could do it”.

A Big Success makes the majority.

But to get a Monster Triumph, we have to seek it out. We have to hunt it without remorse, without hesitation.

We enter the tournament because we’re going to win it. We’re making this sales call because we have the best product. We’re asking them out because they’ll definitely say yes. 

Despite all odds, we have to believe the Big Win is coming.

That decision to believe plants the seed for a huge conquest.

And that huge conquest creates overnight success.

It’s not easy to believe such things. 

But that tough decision is where Big Wins are born. 

It’s how we create our destiny. 


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