Changing Is Easy

Changing Is Easy

Oct. 18, 2019

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One of the biggest myths about human behavior is that it’s hard to change.

Old habits die hard. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I am what I am.

Not true.

I’ve seen people show up for lessons with strokes that have been misfiring for years–and change their strokes almost instantly.

I’ve seen players that haven’t won and been pigeonholed as losers–and become stars.

People change all the time, sometimes quite dramatically.

All that needs to be changed is the culture.

Do you know what happens a super mean coach is replaced by a new, laid-back one?

Tense, timid people magically become relaxed.

Do you know what happens when someone gets dead-end tired of weighing a certain weight?

An unhealthy eater suddenly has healthy food everywhere in the house and a new gym membership.

The people who stay the same have to work damn hard to stay that way. To not change, we’d have to watch the same biased programs, eat the same unhealthy things, and find ways to be constantly cranky.

Or they have to be locked in a hole of pessimism so deep they can’t even begin to see the way out.

You want to see mangled strokes become athletic and effective? Tell them how easy it is to change, give evidence of others who have made that change, and then offer some tips that will do the changing.

You’ll see a new player overnight.

Whatever we want to change is changeable.

If we put ourselves in a different environment, change will happen easily.

It’s exhausting trying to stay the same.

Changing is not only possible, it’s easy.


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