A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story

November 2, 2018

I’ve got a spooky story.

Actually, it’s more like a confession.

I can see ghosts.

No, not those kind of ghosts.

But I see things.

From the very first tennis lesson I gave, I could see apparitions of my students.

I could see what they’d look like when their strokes were all smoothed out and their style was fully formed.

I could see their perfected ghost form on the court beating everyone.

I could see this very clearly.

And those ghosts were always there, hovering over the lessons, waiting to be brought into reality.

The weird thing was: many of those ghosts became real.

Whenever a student was coachable and showed up every day and didn’t get distracted, the ghost magically became reality.

In those cases, the ghosts entered our plane and now walk the earth.

And they’re spectacular.

On one hand, maybe I have supernatural powers. Maybe I can see things no one else can see.

Maybe I should stop writing and start hunting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Or maybe there’s a greater version of all of us, just hovering around, waiting to be brought to life.

In real life, ghost stories aren’t scary stories.

In real life, ghost stories are the best stories there are.


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