A Calculated Risk

A Calculated Risk

May 22, 2020

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Nothing escapes the Bermuda Triangle!

National Geographic did a show recently about the Bermuda Triangle, and I loved it. I’ve been interested in the Triangle since childhood.

The show confirmed my suspicions: the Bermuda Triangle is evil.

Looking around the area, researchers have found hundreds of shipwrecks. Hundreds!

For that many ships to have been lost, there has to be a reason.

The reason is that a monster lives under the surface, looking to pounce on unsuspecting ships.

In fact, there have been several local reports of mysterious whirlpools springing up and strange suction currents suddenly pulling vessels under.

What could cause those anomalies?


As the show went on, National Geographic showed data from recent scientific discoveries that revealed a mathematically-calculated cause for the wrecks.

But that’s ridiculous. Calculations lie.

If you ask 100 calculators about the Bermuda Triangle, half of them would say one thing and half of them would say another.

Plus, I’ve read stories on Facebook that say monsters have been sighted in that area the past and that the government created and released those monsters to keep the Coast Guard in business.

That’s why we need people who will ignore the keep-out limits the scientists have placed in that area and will support the elimination of these killers.

No matter what the cost, we have to hunt these monsters down!

What’s the alternative anyway?

To believe that the wrecks were caused by a blue hole formed by an old volcano that has many small caves below that create volatile currents on the surface?

No. That’s just what they’d be expecting me to do.

I’m not going to live my life calmly believing fake calculations that make me stay out of harm’s way.

What’s the point in that?


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